LIFE AND SUCH : start over....

I heard that what ever it is that you spend 3 years working hard and diligently at, you will perfect. I want to be perfect at 30. my interest in fitness is at an all time high. by no means do I want to be a female body builder...but I want muscles!!!! "write it and make it plain..." I am dedicated to doing some serious renovations on me. better health, better fitness, better emotional dealings, better finances, better everything. my heart, my mind, my spirit .....those things are already shaped and flourishing. yo, really though....I'm tempted to shave my head and zone out. timing is EVERYTHING and now is not the time for a relationship or outside distractions. I, for the first time in a looooong while, am being selfish with me. I give access to people who are so undeserving. not everyone should be privy to my most precious parts (heart, body, mind, spirit). no more poison. no alcohol, no sex, no leisure smoking. (Check, check, check...already done). stop the insanity. can't keep doing the SAME things expecting different results. so this is me removing my strait jacket and checking out of the crazy house. life gets better when you do.... start over. xo, McK


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