well hello there 2012!

i am so excited about another day, another year, another moment of LIFE!
how awesome is it that God saw fit that we continue on into 2012?
humbled. blessed. GRATEFUL!

i don't have any NY resolutions. there are just things that i began last year that i will continue doing.

the main thing, i will NOT press pause on my life for anyone. live for SELF. live for GOD.

i had gotten in the habit of sacrificing myself (wants, needs, desires, happiness, etc) for the sake of an "US" that was no longer...and for a "HIM" that wouldn't do the same for me.

what a way to live.

the end of 2011 i began to get back to just Mia. doing, saying, believing, loving, behaving in a way that is absolutely true to ME. and it feels AMAAAAAZING!

it wouldn't be fair to myself or the people in my life if i continued living in a way that was a lesser version of my truest self. so i stopped.

i can honestly say that the scariest thing is breaking the bonds of COMFORT.

a few weeks ago, someone extremely special to me told me some real sh*t. he said "you enjoy what you're used to a lot more than the actual act of being happy and that's a shame......you want comfort. i'm not something that i want you to be "used to" or "comfortable with". i want you to be happy. you havent learned that and i cant make you"

WOW! talk about a blow of truth. i had to take his words and seriously meditate on them. obviously he was right.

but now that i KNOW he was right....how do i become right?

for the first time in years, i said NO.
i made a conscious decision to put me first and truly recognize what's best for Mia.

it hurt so good.

what a way to start 2012...with a solid "NO".



Ashley said…
Awesome! I feel where you're coming from. A blessing from God is that we're not unconscious & totally blinded by things that throw us off from who we want to be. Better late than never.

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