MY 2 CENTS: not so much....

soooo it's not a total #FAIL but perhap a D...okay i'll give her a C-. the song concept seems like it came from a raunchy session of girl talk about one night stands and great sex. this is what my friends like to call "keepin it funky"....but the thing about our Keep it Funky sessions, weeeeellll they stay between us!! mizz kiely mizz kiely, smh...u could have atleast given us some eye candy!!! damn!! your leading man looked like he had all kinds of diseases. just a thought, perhaps this is in some weird twisted way a viral video to bring awareness to having responsible sex??? huh huh?? perhaps eh??

okay, i tried. lol. the song isn't amazing, but it lowkey has club appeal. im pretty darn sure after a few shots of patron this song will go hard on the dance floor. #dontjudgeme

i like the rawness of the video...puts me in a slutty mindset relative of Erykah's "window seat". she done good...she got people talking about her. it's just a drastic change from how the public has previously known her. she could have atleast been photographed drunk clubbing before premiering this video so that we could have mentally connected the dots first. lol

overall...not terrible. if this image is the direction she really wants to go in, then i think she executed it well. if her next video is about love and soft fluffy things, theeeen she DEF made a wrong turn.

Spectacular? not so much! Average at best.



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