BAD BISHES: Ciara's back....

okay so i know i have personally been giving Ciara shit for lowkey becoming some socialite flunky to Kim Kardashian & company....i hated it. even tho i dig Kimmie K and LaLa, i just didnt understand why Ciara was jet setting, shopping, & have paparazzi'd out lunches in LA instead of doing shows and making music. needless to say, her ride or die fans must have lit fire into her cuz that bish came back harder den a muhfugga. and i APPRECIATE this sh*t! she obviously took the time to construct a plan of attack (instead of putting out stuff on an impulse)and then executed it perfectly. hair, body, song, image....all on point. good sh*t CiCi.

welcome back.

and im diggin the viral vid she did as well.

get gutta Ci.



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