Life of an Intern....

good news!

i just landed the most amazing internship with Bismarck Phillips Communication & Media!!! most people know that i LOVE fashion....i want to own a chic clothing boutique and sit front row at all of the hottest fashion shows as a buyer for my boutique. i want to do styling and personal shopping...i want to do it ALL. eventually, i also want to become an Editor at Large of a MAJOR magazine....something like a way cooler & cuter version of Andre' Leon Talley.

so anywho, i have been looking for a break...any kind of break. i needed to get my toe in this industry so that i could begin to absorb all of the hands on experience that you simply cant get by having numerous fashion mag subscriptions. this break has finally come in the form of this internship. im so very grateful, excited, and anxious. yesterday was my first day and today 3 of my supervisors took me to the side on seperate occasions to let me know how great of a job im doing and to keep up the good work. #clap4me.

just an update....that is all. im happy :-)



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