head in your lap while you play
with the roots of my hair
like you're searching for kin in Africa
dig deep.
hard work is etched in your fingers
like identifying prints
there is no mistaking your value
so I appraise you
and deem that your worth is so high,
I would have to take
flights just to inhale you
i make sure to appreciate you ...
like the cost of gold, never dwindling
your flaws and skin
are like precious stones and gems,
scattered strategically over you.
so my every touch is not a touch..
but an effort to mine the diamond within.
just to MINE your diamond within.
own it.
so I dig deep.
and i nevermind the coal of a past
that could never dim the sparkle of your now.
because every smudge is removed when I blow
on you to reveal your clarity.
may my breath on your life be my payback
for the rib you let me borrow way way back.
so let me lay here on your lap while you
trail your fingers down my back
like you're following a map to get home...
here to Eden.



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