realized that i have seen pieces of you in men i've loved.
the contrast of what they lacked created 
the space for me to envision you.
relationships with the sole purpose to fail
just to foreshadow what was to come
felt you in every fumbling finger that touched me
and heard you in every lust dipped lie told.
they left room for the intense anticipation of you
easily, i recognize and identify with your truth.
undoubtedly, i hoped a lot--prayed a lot--loved a lot
was let down a lot--misled a lot.
i fought a lot and 
believed when i oughta not.
stayed when i shoulda walked.
and always for bits and pieces of the KING
that was lost in them.
my optimism the glue that sculpted a
plagiarized idea of royalty.
the Queen in me broken because of false rulers
on thrones next to me.
the construction of Kingdoms halted because
blueprints didn't match. 
lasting legacy delayed because a faux king
was never designed to impregnate or empower
this Queen.
hurt had to happen. growth had to happen. 
your trials had to mold you
mine had to prepare me.
separate life journeys to make us
strong enough to withstand...understand..
and nurture the power of our meeting.

Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
welcome to our predestined dominion.



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