It's true, the power of an apology is real. I need one from you. Sorry for the lies, sorry for wasting my time. Perhaps, if you're sorry for hurting me...you can throw an apology in for that. What's crazy is not being able to tell you exactly how fucked up you are. The sheer disrespect for me, our friendship, our ....shared moments. That hurts most. It took months and months and months to get to this point of letting you go, you letting me go, letting go...completely. While it is such a huge relief to be out of the clutches of disappointment, it is insanely painful to lose a friend. you forgot my dopeness. Forgot to tell me I'm beautiful. And I'm pretty sure it slipped your mind to remind me that I'm amazing, that I'm special to you.... Because you used to know those things about me. Used to tell me those things. You should be sorry you forgot, but I don't think you are. How unfortunate. I will be fine. So will you. But I am tapping out. Decided to spend some time with me. Grind season starts now. I forgive you.....I don't even need your apology. Thank God we are done. I regret you. xo, Mia McK


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