Monday, April 18, 2011

LOCAL LOYALTY: Viral Sensation....

a couple of weeks ago my good friend Yonathan Elias posted this youtube video and the internet went crazy!

the funny thing is, this is truly Yonathan just being Yonathan.

people have gone on to autotune this video and it is now on itunes! He is donating part of the proceeds to Children's National Medical Center in DC. how awesome is my Yonny Bon?!? Please support him!

check the video out!

enjoy blogger babies!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

LIFE AND SUCH: peace be with you

i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. a friend from high school was killed today and i hurt.

i hurt because this occurs MUCH too often in my hometown. it is utterly heartbreaking. my fallen hometown heroes, blood stained streets of my childhood.

life is but a dream.

a memory for most, the way it passes so quickly. these moments in time when the grief in the air is so thick, it's dang near palpable....these moments cause me to revert inwards. my thoughts won't leave me alone.

who's next? will my life be short? when will the mourning cease?

this world is so sick and evil. love is the only thing worth much of anything these days. what's the point of power, money, fame? you can't take it with you. but love? love transcends the here and is immortal. eternal. forever.

i'm going to spend some time with Mia for a few days. pray, meditate, refocus. the tears that are sure to flow will be my spiritual cleanse.

Lord, i need you now. i need you more than i've ever needed you before. to show up and restore

i pray for comfort and peace for you all. the peace that goes beyond all understanding. Lord, heal our hearts, quiet our minds, comfort our souls.



Monday, April 4, 2011

DISASTERS IN DATING: Shackled and Shacking

it's been a full three months since we've been back together.
everything is AWESOME. and when i say awesome, i mean AMAZING.

in all seriousness, i couldn't ask for more. currently, i am shacking with him while saving up to make my official move to LA. it is an interesting experience. granted, we have had a few moments. but they were different this time around. if these same "moments" happened a year ago, we would have been drowning in miscommunication and unhappiness. growth has occurred. we are learning everyday how to talk TO each other and LISTEN. we are understanding ourselves, each other, and our relationship.

i am SO proud of him. so proud of US. i have made a conscious decision to forgive him and trust him. it's hard. i know my ladies out there know how difficult it is to move forward in a relationship where you were previously cheated on, lied to, betrayed, etc. trust issues are no joke.

but i trust him. i see it in his actions....he changed. not saying he is perfect, nor am i...nor is this relationship. i am saying that we are committed to facing every situation head on with each other. with open and honest conversations.

it has become so clear to me how much we are invested in this. i can't even begin to tell you all how good it feels to have someone who truly has your back and holds you down with love being the only expectation of payment for his services.

sometimes i get anxiety about waking up one day and this all being taken from me. but each day i wake he's there...holding me. each day brings us closer, me all up in his space. even when i get on his nerves. even when he pisses me off. we work at it daily. we forgive and kiss. we let love conquer.

we're shackled by love.
we're shacking with love. (temporarily)

so blogger babies, how do you all feel about the dreaded "shacking" option in relationships?



the first moments of morning tickle my eyelids.
twitching toes and warm breath so close it mixes with mine.
stiff limbs from an intense slumber.
heartbeats and soft snores.
traces of the previous night still present on my thighs.

and i just want to lay here.
thoroughly pleased in every sense.

morning bliss: waking up to love


DISASTERS IN DATING: remembering your essence... FOR NIKKI


most times when we think of this we relate it back to school or work, but not always relationships.

well, what about our self-evaluation process regarding relationships?

"remember your essence"

whether you're in a relationship, pursuing one, or exiting a relationship, those words can certainly afford to be thought on more often.

IN A RELATIONSHIP: your "I" and "me" has been long ago replaced by "us" and "we". your day to day plans tend to revolve around what your other half is doing. cuz I mean, that's what REALationships are about right? making an effort to align schedules so that the love doesn't suffer?

as a woman who was single and free far more than I was locked down and in a relationship, including my man in my plans and decisions was NOT priority. thus causing his ego and supposed importance to me and the relationship to suffer....

PURSUING A RELATIONSHIP: put your best face forward. the beginning stages of most relationships are like big words in an essay... all fluff. nothing solid or real, just a whole lot of well put together words and imbalanced compromises. women and men tend to get caught up in the warm, fuzzy feelings of the newness which often times causes them to lose their heads...

EXITING A RELATIONSHIP: the hurt, anger, and stress is so thick it's suffocating. the anxiety of heartache can literally make you crazy. things are done and said that can reflect part of our character that we may not have known existed....

in all you do, remember your essence.

what is it that makes you, you? know that you are a whole, beautiful, FUNCTIONING person on your own. even when you feel broken beyond repair, you are whole. know this and truly understand this. YOU define you, not a relationship status. i know so many young ladies who get wrapped up in their man and they forget themselves. they forget their value. remember your essence.

i know i have a few loyal readers out there who may have felt some type of way about the rekindling of my relationship and everyone is entitled to their opinions. i know that my essence has been unequivocally tied to his essence. he's my "end". the one. the difference between myself and a lot of women is that i know my worth, i understand my worth, and i walk in my worth. i have learned how to make my value and love life coexist without either lacking in importance. not only do i remember my essence often, i AM my essence.

i am Mia. i know who i am. i know my worth. i am in love and am a fully functioning complete person with or without a relationship.

remember your essence.