MUSIC MONDAY: i KNOW Tremaine's name..Pillow Talk...imma be a FREAK!

this man is sooooo damn fine. and this video is visually amazing!

enjoy blogger babies...cuz i know i did!

so occasionally i feature artists that hit me up on twitter asking me to help promote their music. this is and isn't one of those cases. i happen to know and uberly love this producer. Will Johnson is literally one of the most unique and talented people i have EVER come across. so i am EXCITED to feature him on my blog!


follow him on twitter @whenf

I am just gonna predict now that Estelle is gonna be a MAJOR force this year! this track is bananas....i love that she isnt afraid to explore different sounds with her music. Kudos sis! ur amazing to meeee!!!

"every single girl should embrace their inner freak..."

words 2 live by ;-) ask any girl who has a man!

think ur a freak?? enter her contest @

love you blogger babies!



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