IM OFF THAT: high society

i am not even going to spend much time talking about this show but i will say, I'M OFF THAT! it's another trashy trailer-ite ("socialite") show that showcases these people making asses of themselves. yes, there are a few ignorant reality shows that have black people acting an ass....but at least they aren't racist. one character, Jules Kirby, so indignantly proclaims that her friends tend not to be fat, Jewish, or black. WTF! oh and of course she "sometimes uses the Nword"....I'M OFF THAT! the whole premise of the show is far from interesting and for some reason, i doubt it's going to last. all of the people featured on the show aren't young, beautiful, or talented in the least. because i am SO disgusted by this show, i wont put it's air times on here or even a picture of the cast. sorry Tinsley....but you should have had better people cast with you.

if you have ever watched and liked a black show on the CW, i encourage you to boycott this low class "high" society show.



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