MY 2 CENTS: hello...? can u hear me now?

you all know that #iDie for Beyonce'...she is absolutely EVERYTHING to me. in saying this, i feel like this is a good look for her. pairing up with Lady Gaga is allowing Beyonce' to touch a brand that she wouldn't be able touch on her own. Lady Gaga brings out the freakishly free & sexually uninhibited side of Beyonce' that some "fans" look down on. let's be real, the world has put Beyonce' in a much so, that if she steps out of the cookie cutter Superstar box, she is met with more criticism than praise. i will personally thank Lady Gaga for being a buffer. this out of the box act is expected from Lady Gaga...according to everyone she is on her way to "icon status". i have nothing against the video, it's entertaining and different. plus, videos that are loosely based on movies are always pretty good. real talk, the only thing missing from this video is Nicki Minaj. overall, i give it 3.5 stars out of 5.



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