POETICALLY INCLINED: This Insightful Mind Evolves

If time was an object, i'd throw it out the window
disregard it like something that's grown old
bury it deeper than 6 feet down
outcast it like a stranger in town....

it'd never matter again
it'd never dictate motivation
or procreation

time wouldn't be a factor in our pursuit of happiness
we'd just go and go and go, never minding what our age is

if time was an object, it wouldn't be strapped to my wrist
or displayed proudly on walls in homes and offices

i'd hide it like our deepest, darkest secrets
cover it up heavily so that no one can see it

if time was an object, it would probably look better with glitches
decorated with loop holes, a lapse or two and dimensions

if time was an object...

i'd give you mine over and over again.



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