LIFE AND SUCH: 2018 update

Wow! It has been quite some time since I updated my blog and I am actually extremely excited to get back into the groove.

It's only right that I give an update on things going on with me. Let's do a quick run down to get reacquainted!

Twelve days ago I resigned from my full time job to pursue LIFE instead. I am grateful to be in a position that allows me the option to do this. I have no children, I'm not married and have no pressing responsibilities that would keep me tied to a desk that isn't fulfilling me.

So, I gave my notice and got to work. Not after I left my job, but while I was there. The last quarter of 2017 I self published my first book, launched a greeting card line and refocused the direction of my Herbalife business. I laid the bricks before resigning. And good thing! I saw a $700 increase in my Herbalife check from January 2018 to March 2018, my body is looking great and I now have the time to CREATE content for my website, blog and greeting cards!!

At 32 years old, it's safe to say that I was definitely afraid to leave my comfort zone of a steady check. I had to draw inspiration from all of my family and friends who are doing the things I aspire to do and just go for it.

When we put the work in, failure isn't even an option. Life rewards those who throw their whole heart into LIVING. I have so many goals for 2018 and everyday I do the work on my heart, mind and spirit to keep me motivated, fearless and focused on achieving those goals.

As cliche' as it may sound, our greatest life is truly on the other side of our comfort zone. I understand and respect life so much, I know that living it POURED OUT is the only way to be fulfilled. Every idea, dream, hope and wish I have ever had... I desire to make strides to accomplish them. I want a life filled with "I've done.." "I've learned..." "I've succeed..."

Stay tuned...

there is more

xo, McK


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