POETICALLY INCLINED: p.o.g.u --part of growing up

one of my favorite life lessons thus far
has been to love no matter what,
regardless of the scars.
I understand now
that pain is simply growth disguised with a heavy coat on
Just how the darkest of nights are known
to expose the brightest stars that we wish on

We need the hurt to reveal us.
Refine us.
Groom us.

one of my favorite lessons on this life journey,
I just so happened to learn while my heart was mourning
The loss of yet another love that claimed to love me so
Fiction at best. But far from a glass slipper, pumpkin or charming beau
The only ever afters that apply
Sound like once upon a lie
Once, times 10, I did cry
Once we failed, twice we tried
Once he said hello...and him and him.
Then all 3 said goodbye.
My fairytales are stuck in Neverland
cool boys that never grew up to be men

We need the hurt to reveal us.
Refine us
Groom us

time is the best lesson of all
it heals, teaches and uncovers....
hearts, patience and truth.
most fleeting, most valuable
most precious, most powerful
time cancels out hurt so that the refining isn't in vain
and our growth stands set apart from all residue of pain.



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