the shadows of clouds on the ocean.
all I can think about is you.
there is something so profound in soaring further than the point of which your eyesight can reach.
all I can think about is you.
in mere hours I spanned thousands and thousands of miles.
passed over millions of people, moments, situations, emotions, and cultures.
all I can think about is you.
5463 miles.
every inch, yard, mile that I travel away from you brings my heart closer..
you are literally all I can think about.
grow closer, grow better, grow with you.
because all I think about is you.


there is no one that i want more than you.
i am in awe of all you do and all you are.
you frustrate me, you piss me off, you inspire me to be better.
i want your love.
because my love is all that i have to give to you.
take it, freely.

JKB inspired.



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