DISASTERS IN DATING: when the dust settles...

no one ever talks about the part "when the dust settles". when you're over the hurt and you're back in the "single girl" frame of mind. no one ever talks about how it feels when your heart doesn't ache as much but you know you're not fully healed.

the in between phase.

what do you do next? go on a couple of dates trying to keep your mind and time occupied.

entertain the advances of men who don't give you butterflies, but give you numerous compliments.

no one ever talks about this part.

it doesn't hurt but it doesn't feel "good" either. the tears have dried and the anger has subsided. what now?

what do you do when you know you'll never go back, but you can't see a clear picture of what lies ahead?

#nowPlaying "excuse me" - jazmine sullivan

her voice has me wanting to fall in love again. makes me want to go cook and clean for a handsome man with strong arms, a nice smile, and honest eyes.

but he's absolutely nowhere to be found.

no one ever talks about this part....when the dust settles and it's just you. the only one caring. the only one wanting.

*sits down in the middle of the floor indian style*

guess i'll paint my nails and try not to get this "dust" on 'em.



WoW! Mia I felt every word you spoke.

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