Dear woman reading this nursing a broken heart,

don't give up. as much as it hurts, as confused as you may be....don't give up on love. the sleepless nights WILL turn into peaceful evenings of slumber. the loss of appetite will gradually grow into an insatiable hunger for LIFE. we can't allow the tenderness of our hearts to harden our emotions. easier said than done, yes i know. this song undoubtedly helped me realize that LOVE really is amazing and i LOVED being in it. even if i was IN it alone, i gave 100% and i don't regret it at all. there is something extremely satisfying about being loyal to your man. it is sexy and WOMANLY to nurture, encourage, and keep your man happy.

it was my wholeness of self that allowed me to happily oblige the needs and desires of "him" i know that once i am whole again, it would be my absolute pleasure to do this again. next time, time it is my most fervent prayer that "him" is appreciative & faithful. because as satisfying as it is to be loyal to your man, it makes it even more worthwhile when he is also loyal to you. "so good to meeeeeee" - Ciara.

so ladies, again i say....don't give up on love. don't become bitter. bind love and happiness around your neck & wear it as the most beautiful accessory. 1 Corinthians 13 is WORTH IT.

"Men need 2 feel needed...need to feel important. & it's hard 4 them 2 feel that way w a powerful woman" -Oprah

on this journey through life, love, hurt, and success....never dim your light in order for people around you to feel more comfortable. be confident in who you are. be secure in your worth. never compromise your morals in order to make it easier for someone else. your "Mr.GodSentHim2Me" will rise to YOUR occasion, will love & support you...he will turn HIS light up & lead your relationship to the height intended for it by God. never fear ladies, he is out there. don't go looking. busy yourself in the work of the Lord. busy yourself getting to the YOU you are called to be. secure your heart in God's hands and always always always trust your intuition.


p.s. i also like the version of this song featuring The Dream.

"see I'm thankful 4 every time u wash my clothes, could have been anywhere in the world but instead ur right here.." -the dream


nikkiblanco said…
i love your writing--amazing

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