words & clothes... it's my thing

so it's been awhile since i have updated my blog. ugh! boooo 2 me!
i have been hella unfocused, esp. when it comes to school. SO SUE ME!
i am so extremely ready 2 be a college grad. *sigh* doesnt that sound fab?
COLLEGE GRAD! well june 2009 i shall be walking across that stage... FINALLY!

anywho, let me get to the reason behind this entry. WORDS & CLOTHES!! my 2 passions.
right now i am in the midst of researching exactly what i want to do with these 2 things
that make my heart flutter. fashion writer perhaps?? hmm...perhaps!

these shows like Stylista, Glam God, & the Rachel Zoe Project are fueling the fire in me even more!

we shall see where life takes me...

i'm like Carrie before Mr. Big. when words & clothes were all that mattered.....


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