what I say goes....

so I decided that I'm just not feeling:
-everybody wearing the white vnecks w scarf draped "just so" around the neck look...officially over it.
-nerd glasses... kanye & pharrell are barely getting by w this.
-the sudden obsession w lumberjack shirts.
-leggings and tshirts. sorry, just don't wanna see ur buns ladies.
-everyone's claim on SWAG. knock it off. swag is like energy...can't be created or destroyed, merely transfered. so the fact that everyone woke up a few months ago w some new found swagger is total BS.
-def on my way 2 being over this animal print fad.

BUT...never fear, I do find myself loving a few things:
-these new shows that highlight the ppl w real fashion sense... STYLISTS!!
-subtly chic outfits w a poppin shoe 2 jazz it up.
-pastel eye color (i.e. lavender, baby blue, pink, etc) pastel in the fall/winter will have u lookin like the ultimate wintery wonderland diva!
-cowboy boots will forever hold my heart!
-colors of my season: purple, yellow (mustard), green, burnt orange, electric blue.
-patterns of my season: floral, abstracts, & always polka dot
-love cuts & designs inspired by the 70s. (i.e. strapless jumper @ 4ever 21 that needs 2 b in my closet asap)

don't worry lovies...there is so much more that iim loving & hating.

more guidance later.

peace lovies!


Anonymous said…
soooo basically what it sounds like your saying is... that you dislike what out of style (very natural) and you like what popular (also very natural)
mDot said…
negative my dear...

the lumberjack look, the vneck w the scarf, the nerd glasses, etc etc..are still very much "in style" buuut im just not feeling it.
and most times in fall ppl tend to go w neutral tones for eyeshadows..they 4get that wearing popping eyeshadow will liven up their frostbiten little faces.

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