REAL TALK! Hustler Music : a melody of black culture...

Hustling, or some variation of the word, has been around since the beginning of time. Working more than one job is nothing new to the many people who weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths. But what about the culture of people who weren’t born with even a glimmer of a silver spoon, let alone a sparkle of fool’s gold? This is the culture that intrigues global markets, the culture that breeds new consumer trends, and the culture that nurtures a community of people with an unbreakable spirit. The hustler spirit.
Cassidy raps about it, proclaiming proudly, “I’m a hustler…I can sell salt to a slug.” Jay Z embodies it, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” The hustler spirit is alive. From your local producers with their “fake-it-til I-make-it” in home studios to your fashion-forward friend who turns a flair of style into a business revolving around the hottest clothes on the market; the hustler spirit is alive. From make shift barbershops and beauty salons in kitchens and dorm rooms across the country. The hustler spirit is alive. Once again hip hop has sparked something within the black culture. It has renewed the hustler spirit in a way reminiscent of the sampling of old school music that is heard in the undertones of today’s most popular songs. This is hustler music, a melody that the black culture has known so very well.
I have seen with my own eyes the way our modern day hustlers strive for a way, a way by any means necessary, just to get by. From our misunderstood street pharmacists who are merely trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, to our struggling college students living paycheck to paycheck and barely making ends meet. Street hustlers and student hustlers, as different as they may seem, share the common goal of getting their hustle on in order to survive.
This hustler music thrives on the melody of the black culture. We grind to the beat of our infamous hustler music. Our blood, sweat, and tears drip to the exact rhythm of every crescendo, high-hat, and finely tuned bass of the perfect song accompanied by the perfect verse of our lives. The song, the movement, the way of life, it’s all hustler music. The continuity of hustling depends solely on the hunger for success, the hunger for that light at the end of the tunnel that has long seemed so bleak. Our hustler music will never fade to black. Our hustler spirit will never die, it will live on forever. The hustler spirit, by all means, is alive!


Don said…
good post. we think alike. i once wrote a post with the same frame of thought.

i thought it was just me.

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