Friday, March 16, 2012

LIFE AND SUCH: Dysfunctional Superwoman

my powers are waning.
not from kryptonite, but from care.
i am weak from caring too much.
i have a tendency to take on everything my family and friends are going through.
it's hard, it's draining...but that is all i know.
operate out of love. save everyone. support, encourage, pour into all.
i honestly don't know how to be any other way, but i must figure out a way to tap into an unlimited source of energy and goodness. God knows i need it.
i am humbled and very grateful that God has seen fit to make me a source of light for His people, i just pray i never dim too low.

dear you reading this,
i love you. i care. it is my most fervent prayer that God bestows an abundance of GOODNESS on you and every situation you may be facing. and if you don't know Him personally, i can promise you that He is beyond amazing and so worth getting to know. His love is literally out of this world. TRY HIM!

love always,
your Dysfunctional Superwoman


the shadows of clouds on the ocean.
all I can think about is you.
there is something so profound in soaring further than the point of which your eyesight can reach.
all I can think about is you.
in mere hours I spanned thousands and thousands of miles.
passed over millions of people, moments, situations, emotions, and cultures.
all I can think about is you.
5463 miles.
every inch, yard, mile that I travel away from you brings my heart closer..
you are literally all I can think about.
grow closer, grow better, grow with you.
because all I think about is you.


there is no one that i want more than you.
i am in awe of all you do and all you are.
you frustrate me, you piss me off, you inspire me to be better.
i want your love.
because my love is all that i have to give to you.
take it, freely.

JKB inspired.