POETICALLY INCLINED: who are you then?

when you are by yourself ....

far removed from the opinions of others

mistakes you've made, paint your skin

like a mockery of body art.

residue of salt trails streak your face from tears that have been long dried.

stripped down and bare, no space for secrets to hide.

who are you then?

with honesty strapped to your chest like a bullet proof vest

guarding your heart from the facades you force feed to the world.

who are you then?

does love still ooze from your pores like overactive sweat glands

are you gentle with self as you are with the feelings of "friends"?

are you still you.

is this when you allow yourself to process the dealings of the days before

take off the layers of lies labeled "I'm okay" "I love you, TOO"

and the infamous "I am over him"

who are you then?

imperfections on display, do you stare at them or avert your eyes out of shame?

when forgiveness is the only flaw you really struggle with...

forgive self.

love self.

learn self.

without the "them" or "him" or the "it"

who are you then?




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