Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BIRTHDAY: sitting pretty at 26

i turned 26 on august 7th.
did i really just write that? me... 26? wow! where did time go?

i still remember playing barbies with my cousins and getting in trouble for reenacting the "punany" scene from Poetic Justice. #DontAsk lol

i remember the free lunch line...and wearing mismatched socks in elementary school. my principal had a wooden leg because of polio.

chipped tooth in second grade and the "devil tree" at Ramona Alessandro elementary school. i still remember dance class throughout junior high and i LIVED for my eighth grade year as a cheerleader!

really, where did time go?

i know high school couldn't have been THAT long ago. sleepovers, house parties, sneaking out, first kisses, first touches, first this and first that. i still remember.

i was 16 the first time i clearly remember my grandpa telling me that he loved me...and this year i said goodbye to him. #RIP

and of course, i remember love. #word2Nina

i am SO grateful to be able to say that i haven't had a TERRIBLE life. nothing that has hindered me from growing, living, loving, learning, and EXPERIENCING. i am SO grateful for my relationship with God...it has allowed me to have peace of mind in many situations. thank you Father for keeping me!

now, 27...that is an age i am EXCITED for. i feel it in my bones, some amazing things have been planted/are being planted and 27 will be the season for reaping!

take a moment and acknowledge how blessed you are. there is nothing like being grateful to God for all of His mercy He has bestowed upon you!

love ya blogger babies!