Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON...: the wonderful West 3rd Street

from bakeries and jewelry stores to pizzerias, nail shops, and restaurants....west third street in Los Angeles literally has it all. i practically live on this street because i work at Alexis Bittar (8383 west 3rd st).... and our friendly neighboring shops have welcomed us with open arms! SO, without further ado, i'd like to RAVE about a few of my favorite west 3rd spots thus far.

1) D'Amore's Famous Pizza (8369 west 3rd st):

there is definitely a reason i am the mayor here on foursquare. i eat here dang near every day!! YUM! the pizza bianco is to die for! as is the 5 cheese baked ziti, the garden burger, and the chicken panini! i go here on lunch and get DELICIOUS food and great convo with this location's owner Christie D'Amore! she is AWESOME!!! Did i mention this is like the healthiest pizza EVER? score!

2) Le Labo (8385 west 3rd st)

Le Labo is right next door to my job and i love that i can smell the fragrances through the walls. Dexter, the manager, is one of my besties on the street....always up for a quick fashion chat and encourages me to come put some parfum on daily. #crossMarketing lol. these fragrances are truly an investment $$ but well worth it. a few of my favorites? Musc 25, the exclusive LA scent that you won't find anywhere but here. it's soft and sexy...makes you want to be close to someone special so that they can partake in your yumminess! Another 13 is AMAZING and uberly exclusive. only 500 bottles of this was made. BUT once you buy this bottle you can get it refilled forever. of the 500 bottles made, there are only FIFTEEN left. i want one sooooo badly. *hint hint BOYFRIEND* hahaha. I also lke Neroli, Vetiver, Rose, Ambrette, and Labdanum. If you happen to go in on a day when Isaac is working, be prepared for a true fragrance experience. he truly has a way with words and making you FEEL the scents. he's awesome.

3) Benefit Cosmetics (8387 west 3rd st)

brow waxing, brow tinting, tons of makeup, tons of fun. i j'adore my Benefit gals!! Helena is an AWESOME brow boss and Michelle, the manager, is a bundle of joy. all of the Benefit ladies are fun, friendly, and fierce with it! you will NOT be disappointed. plus, one of the owners, Lisa Edwards is a doll!

4) Tina's Nails (8371 west 3rd st)

quick and professional, the ladies at Tina's Nails are spectacular. they are ALWAYS busy but somehow i never seem to have to wait. i love it! speedy service. whether i need a pedi or a mani, i am always in and out on my lunch break. my new found love? GEL NAILS!! they use the GELish brand here and it's pretty amazing. gel polish that lasts for weeks. if you know me, you know i am slightly obsessed with nail polish. the GEL polish is super shiny, super smooth, and dries SUPER fast with the help of the UV light. i got my nails done on Christmas Eve and i am barely in need of a new mani now. sooooo guess where i'll be on my lunch break tomorrow??

there are TONS of wonderful places on west 3rd and i can't wait to explore them all. Polkadots and Moonbeams, Wockano, and Joan's on third are also places that i frequent.

LA has so many awesome things to do, see, and eat.... i am dedicating this year to new wonders. can't wait to see what i will find and what i will experience!!!

live a little folks!!!

p.s. couldn't end without mentioning the most important place on west 3rd job!!! 8383 west 3rd street will have you at ALEXIS BITTAR!!!

so blogger babies, are there any places where you live that you think deserve a spotlight? excellent service? great food? amazing prices? dope clothes? LET ME KNOW so i can feature it "spotlight on..."


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BAD BISH: Creepy Minaj

like i have said since day one, i am not a huge fan of her music....but there is absolutely no doubt that Nicki Minaj is a force to be reckoned with. granted, she does have a few songs that i can jam out to, i wouldn't be the person first in line to buy an album.

her image though?

she is a well oiled machine making one strategic move after another. can't hate.


REAL TALK: woman to woman

lately, i have been EXTREMELY inspired by the women around me. from social to personal... the good advice and examples just don't stop. 11 days into the new year and it feels SO good. i am at a really great place...i feel powerful and unstoppable. can i REALLY do anything? of course i can. this year i am so dedicated to Mia and all that comes with being the best Mia i can be.

famous female, friend, foe, and family....the women in my life are awesome. i am so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty, talent, intelligence, and drive. i am in awe.

hopefully, the positive energy i am being fed continues all year. let's make 2011 the start of TRUE sisterhood.

encourage, uplift, and respect.



Friday, January 7, 2011

NEW VIDS: anti-bullying

tear jerker much?


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DISASTERS IN DATING: the resurrection....

time passes.
mistakes are made.
tears are shed.
apologies said and accepted.
then love......

it never ceases to amaze me how incredible love is.
it comes in and covers a multitude of wrongs.
i am absolutely in awe of its power.

when you can look into the face of love and feel God,
that's when you know.
just like the Christian walk, love isn't always easy.
we backslide, we fall off, we make bad decisions along the way.
then love....

saves us.
restores us.
strengthens us.
resurrects us.

i am literally consumed with this life altering emotion.
we are exactly where we're supposed to be.
with each other.
loving every inch of each other.

and we can't get enough,
cuz like he said "you are who i want".
we fit.

"aint no competition when you're in it...." ;-)


i knew that we'd find our way back to each other.
being apart was the best thing that could have happened to us.
it hurt like hell to leave you, but it was SO necessary.
there is no better feeling than learning, living, and loving WITH you.
i never thought it would be this easy to start from scratch, start over, start anew....
but it is.
we feel so right.
over a year ago, we rushed into something that took yeeeeeaaars to finally establish.
now, standing at the starting line of 2011...i can say that this is where we belong.
infatuated at first sight on a random night in 2005.
we have the stuff that true love stories are made of.
let's work at it baby.

i have fallen in love with you all over again....

welcome home daddy.