PLAYLIST: Umbrella Much???

as you all may know, i am on a slow journey of toleration for my dear Creepy Minaj. i have nothing against her image or who she is as a person....i think she is doing wonders for a lot of silly little girls' self-esteem (in her own twisted way). as far as talent goes, she's entertaining to say the least. i would never knock her hustle, cuz she IS doing it. but fan? not much.

and boo rihanna. i ADORE this chick head to toe. she's the less amazing version of my Beyonce' adoration. #justSayin.

this song is IT for me....had me ready to put on some poppin lipstick, a freakum dress, & go BE in some club somewhere. YAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!! put my hand in the air & reject all the scumbags trying to get my attention. #soWhat cuz it's raining men!!!!!

"i aint even worried bout u homie cuz there's plenty mo fish in the sea.....they fallin like the rain, so we aint runnin out"

im bumping this hard until 2011 hits!!!!

enjoy blogger babies!



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