RANDOM ISH: My New Obsession....

so as some of you may know, i'm FINALLY getting my toes wet in the fashion world....and i LOVE it. styling is def a passion of mine & interning at a fashion PR agency is allowing me the opportunity to learn this craft even more....hone & perfect it. im constantly surrounded by some of the most luxurious, beautiful, and expensive brands. im in heaven.

this brings me to couturious.com... a site where i can be as creative and quirky as i want. styling virtual models & getting inspiration from other aspiring stylists. so check it out! im SO addicted!!

if you all have any fashion questions....let me know and i will create a look for you. going to a wedding and dont know what to wear? first date? drop me your inquiries and i will style a virtual model and name the look after you.

go to COUTURIOUS.COM and look me up! MiaMcK



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