#imjustsayin.....Rihanna is pretty much THAT Bword.

when i first featured this single, i thought it was cool. but i have been listening to it on repeat and can say that this song is SO deep. up late last night, i was able to catch the video for it. CHILLS. i was like WTF! how intense! Rihanna is seriously coming back with a vengence. her vocals arent quite as yodel-ish and annoying...but rather unique and powerful. i think it really took her going thru some ish to bring her to this new level in her artistry. visually? she is impeccable. her videos are never cookie cutter, but this Rated R album is sure to bring about some grand videos. i also peeped the "Wait is Over" video and she was majorly channeling the 1990s era music vids of other R&B sensations (ex. mary j, swv, tlc, jade, total, & xscape). keep the forward progression goign Rih, cuz im starting to dig you.

enjoy blogger babies!



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