Wednesday, April 4, 2018

LIFE AND SUCH: action activates

This week I was listening to a training on YouTube by Mark Hughes (founder of Herbalife) and he said something that was so simple and yet so triggering.

"It's easier when you're working harder" - Mark Hughes

Whoa!! Mind blown! EVERYTHING becomes so much easier when we work harder... on ourselves, on our craft, on our minds, etc. Let's break this down and apply it in two areas that mean a lot to me.

Physical:  Consistent work on our physical fitness and nutrition; yields results such as more strength, flexibilty, endurance and health.

Mental: Focused and consistent work on thinking positively, seeking knowledge and personal development for increased mental fortitude equips us with the tools to respond to LIFE in a way that allows us to GROW THROUGH things quickly and powerfully.

Obviously, we can apply this same logic to ALL areas of life. When we put ACTION into our thoughts, hopes and dreams... those things become easier to accomplish. Which is why life seems so difficult when we are stagnant. Nothing is being DONE to change our personal situations, so everything seems heavy, hard and overwhelming. 

Even the largest "obstacles" become doable when we put forth daily action (no matter how small) toward achieving a positive result. The action is what activates the prayers and affirmations. With no action, these things are just strings of nice words.

Action is what unobstructs our lane so that we GO. When we are busy doing the work, there is no time to dwell on "how long". The journey is full of goals being checked off, so the "how long" becomes the least of our worries. 

In the infamous words of some meme on social media, "no one cares. work harder".

Ready? Let's do it! 


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

POETICALLY INCLINED: This Insightful Mind Evolves

If time was an object, i'd throw it out the window
disregard it like something that's grown old
bury it deeper than 6 feet down
outcast it like a stranger in town....

it'd never matter again
it'd never dictate motivation
or procreation

time wouldn't be a factor in our pursuit of happiness
we'd just go and go and go, never minding what our age is

if time was an object, it wouldn't be strapped to my wrist
or displayed proudly on walls in homes and offices

i'd hide it like our deepest, darkest secrets
cover it up heavily so that no one can see it

if time was an object, it would probably look better with glitches
decorated with loop holes, a lapse or two and dimensions

if time was an object...

i'd give you mine over and over again.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

LIFE AND SUCH: it's impossible to fail

There is no such thing as monsters
There is no such thing as monsters
There is no such thing as monsters

I remember repeating this before bed on numerous childhood occasions of watching a movie that was too scary for my age.

It was all make believe right?? Nothing was hiding under my bed, in my closet or in my bathroom mirror. Little did I know that the real monster was dwelling in my mind.

Negative thoughts of confusion, self doubt and fear were looming in small crevices of my cranium... laying in wait. Planted with the sole purpose to snuff out dreams, hopes, motivation and creativity. Illusions of defeat trickle in to crush any notion of success beyond imagination.

There is no such thing as monsters
There is no such thing as monsters
There is no such thing as monsters

I repeat this daily, but now in the form of personal development, prayer, meditation, positive affirmations and visualization. Correct and progressive thinking is the enemy of negative and self-defeating beliefs. We can not fail when we consume our mind with thoughts that put a positive spin on ALL life situations. 

"what you seek is seeking you" -Rumi

Find comfort in the fact that our biggest goals and dreams are on the hunt for us. When we should in fact be in plain sight; fear and negativity become like a blanket of darkness that blinds us to them. Our constant focus on a bigger belief system, becomes the light that is a beacon for us to make our way toward our goals.

Let us light up our mind and know that we CAN do ALL things.


There is no such things as monsters anyway.

xo, McK

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

LIFE AND SUCH: 2018 update

Wow! It has been quite some time since I updated my blog and I am actually extremely excited to get back into the groove.

It's only right that I give an update on things going on with me. Let's do a quick run down to get reacquainted!

Twelve days ago I resigned from my full time job to pursue LIFE instead. I am grateful to be in a position that allows me the option to do this. I have no children, I'm not married and have no pressing responsibilities that would keep me tied to a desk that isn't fulfilling me.

So, I gave my notice and got to work. Not after I left my job, but while I was there. The last quarter of 2017 I self published my first book, launched a greeting card line and refocused the direction of my Herbalife business. I laid the bricks before resigning. And good thing! I saw a $700 increase in my Herbalife check from January 2018 to March 2018, my body is looking great and I now have the time to CREATE content for my website, blog and greeting cards!!

At 32 years old, it's safe to say that I was definitely afraid to leave my comfort zone of a steady check. I had to draw inspiration from all of my family and friends who are doing the things I aspire to do and just go for it.

When we put the work in, failure isn't even an option. Life rewards those who throw their whole heart into LIVING. I have so many goals for 2018 and everyday I do the work on my heart, mind and spirit to keep me motivated, fearless and focused on achieving those goals.

As cliche' as it may sound, our greatest life is truly on the other side of our comfort zone. I understand and respect life so much, I know that living it POURED OUT is the only way to be fulfilled. Every idea, dream, hope and wish I have ever had... I desire to make strides to accomplish them. I want a life filled with "I've done.." "I've learned..." "I've succeed..."

Stay tuned...

there is more

xo, McK

Monday, August 8, 2016


thank you.
for making me a priority.
because beyond dedicating time to me,
you take your time with me.
you never rush me.
but i open to you quickly
enter immediately
make your home in me
and come frequently.
thank you
for all of the extra effort that you put in
and for the greatness you're set on pulling out.
the special qualities you acknowledge in me
inspires me
to be more of the kind of person you're tryin to see
every morning you wake and in ever afters of happy
thank you
for perfect conversation, kisses and laughter.
for showing me the beauty of your heart
as it's magnified in the way you love your son
i am infatuated and my guard is gone.
thank you.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


commitment never looked so appealing,
until you. 
distractions used to seem overwhelming,
now there is just you.
inspired to be better
think better
do better
because of you. 
the house that failure built
had to crumble to reveal you.
escaped from it
made it
created a new....

and just in case it's ever needed,
"get your loving at home"
know that i'll serve you.

xo, McK

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


touch me like you're memorizing me.
eyebrows, lips, nose, cheek
hands, arms, back, feet.
ingrain me into you permanently.
so solid
you impress me deeply.
so solid
but treat me so gently. 
reciprocal care is the standard
whole list of prayers and you seem like the answer.
you do, i do. that's no question.
never need much, 
just trying to be your extra blessing.
headache reliever
stress easer
pleasure bringer
growth seeker.
and more...

that's the theme of my thoughts
give more
be more
do more.
want more.
need more.

xo, McK

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


so glad I said yes
to you inquiring about who I was
and then to dinner
so glad I said yes
now access has been granted
to quality time, conversation and connection
said yes and ran straight into amazin'
everything I gave to others is being recouped
I receive back all of me you.
and I'm so glad I said yes
to new different solid
to leadership....I wholeheartedly submit.
"when you know, you know" and now I get it!
and I'll always say yes



realized that i have seen pieces of you in men i've loved.
the contrast of what they lacked created 
the space for me to envision you.
relationships with the sole purpose to fail
just to foreshadow what was to come
felt you in every fumbling finger that touched me
and heard you in every lust dipped lie told.
they left room for the intense anticipation of you
easily, i recognize and identify with your truth.
undoubtedly, i hoped a lot--prayed a lot--loved a lot
was let down a lot--misled a lot.
i fought a lot and 
believed when i oughta not.
stayed when i shoulda walked.
and always for bits and pieces of the KING
that was lost in them.
my optimism the glue that sculpted a
plagiarized idea of royalty.
the Queen in me broken because of false rulers
on thrones next to me.
the construction of Kingdoms halted because
blueprints didn't match. 
lasting legacy delayed because a faux king
was never designed to impregnate or empower
this Queen.
hurt had to happen. growth had to happen. 
your trials had to mold you
mine had to prepare me.
separate life journeys to make us
strong enough to withstand...understand..
and nurture the power of our meeting.

Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
welcome to our predestined dominion.



head in your lap while you play
with the roots of my hair
like you're searching for kin in Africa
dig deep.
hard work is etched in your fingers
like identifying prints
there is no mistaking your value
so I appraise you
and deem that your worth is so high,
I would have to take
flights just to inhale you
i make sure to appreciate you ...
like the cost of gold, never dwindling
your flaws and skin
are like precious stones and gems,
scattered strategically over you.
so my every touch is not a touch..
but an effort to mine the diamond within.
just to MINE your diamond within.
own it.
so I dig deep.
and i nevermind the coal of a past
that could never dim the sparkle of your now.
because every smudge is removed when I blow
on you to reveal your clarity.
may my breath on your life be my payback
for the rib you let me borrow way way back.
so let me lay here on your lap while you
trail your fingers down my back
like you're following a map to get home...
here to Eden.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

POETICALLY INCLINED: the dopest love

I once said that I would mess around
and manifest the dopest love last year

then you appeared.

perhaps, not for the union...
but as a lesson in what dope
love could really feel like.

because you felt great.
and I miss it.

I miss effortless.
I miss intelligence.

I miss telling you secrets
about my spirit....
and you turning me on
by simply understanding it.

my growth in God allows me to trust His timing.
but I can't help but miss the hours we spent facetiming.
planning, plotting and vision sharing
accountability partner to life partner...
I get it. that's scary.

so you shook.
and that's cool.
having you ready is far better than
having you pressured
in my book.

it's just that it doesn't really sit well that we're barely friends
didn't wanna live the cliche' of all good things coming to an end

no hard feelings or grudges
I feel blessed and hopeful about what true love is
knowing the type of King that stirs my soul actually exists
to know I could love someone beyond the physical, not even a kiss.

so maybe you weren't the dopest love manifested
but you were surely a sign of what I am being prepared
to be blessed with.

for that, I thank you and love you.


LIFE AND SUCH: action activates

This week I was listening to a training on YouTube by Mark Hughes (founder of Herbalife) and he said something that was so simple and yet so...