Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLAYLIST: I May Be Biased...

but im not stoooopid.
and if you don't listen to this song & then hit replay a few times after....
then YOU my dear friend are STOOOOOPID!

Drake...Jhene....written by Micah Powell. "July"
okay so just because i have known Micah (@micahfonecheck)basically my whole entire life, doesn't mean im passing off my opinion as FACT.
but FACT is, this song is DOPE boy fresh.


enjoy (on repeat) blogger babies!


RANDOM ISH: My New Obsession....

so as some of you may know, i'm FINALLY getting my toes wet in the fashion world....and i LOVE it. styling is def a passion of mine & interning at a fashion PR agency is allowing me the opportunity to learn this craft even more....hone & perfect it. im constantly surrounded by some of the most luxurious, beautiful, and expensive brands. im in heaven.

this brings me to a site where i can be as creative and quirky as i want. styling virtual models & getting inspiration from other aspiring stylists. so check it out! im SO addicted!!

if you all have any fashion questions....let me know and i will create a look for you. going to a wedding and dont know what to wear? first date? drop me your inquiries and i will style a virtual model and name the look after you.

go to COUTURIOUS.COM and look me up! MiaMcK


NEW VIDS: Find Your Unthinkable Love in the Morning....

I am not a super A.Keys fan right now (im OFF homewreckers & sidechicks) but i can't take away from the fact that she always comes with pretty good videos. This one is no exception. The song is kind of mediocre to me.... something a teen on the cusp of womanhood would sing about. But her vocals are nice and the video has an interesting story line. so Kudos A.Keys, kudos.

Robine Thicke is undoubtedly one of the hottest R&B artists out right now. Furthermore, he's one of the only CONSISTENT artists (regardless of genre) that releases good music. shout out to for supplying me with all the good music on my BB months & months in advance. cuuuuz i have been listening to this joint since before his album dropped.

yay for videos with storylines! i want to be intrigued....entertained....engulfed by a video. Drake def accomplished this with FIND YOUR LOVE. he is still the most highly anticipated artist out. hands down. my only complaint?? Drake needs to lay off the long nites with snacks and liq....he's getting a tad pudgy. #justsaying.

enjoy blogger babies!