Thursday, October 29, 2009


dont judge me but i was a ride or die SIDEKICK fan....until their system crashed. *sad face* i was lowkey forced to "grow up" and get a new phone. soooo why not switch to a blackberry?? i must say that i now LOVE my phone. not only is it cute...but it does everything the sidekick did AND MORE! amazing right?

just thought i'd share my new love. :-)

#imjustsayin my phone is pretty darn dope!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I Can Transform Ya!!! i featured this song a couple of weeks ago and now im featuring the video. im sorry but....this song goes so muhfuggin hard!! the beat makes me wanna scream. lol no but really. i love it. i love it. i love it. kudos CB...kudos!!!


p.s. in the beginning of the song, is it saying "im counting on counting on this"?? if it does, well he def bet on the right song!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

FAB FILES: Project Ethos

this installment of Fab Files will be a tad different than previous entries. i will be focusing on an event rather than a person. so this past weekend (oct 24th) was the Project Ethos fashion show at the House of Blues on Sunset...i had the pleasure of working this event. :-) i can honestly say that i had a blast!!! the weeks leading up to the event weren't as blogworthy but the event itself was pretty darn amazing. for those of you who don't know, i will break down what Project Ethos is. P.E. is a quaterly show that plays hosts to indie artist, designers, & musicians and basically acts as the bridge between them and the industry. it is the job of Team Ethos to invite all of the right contacts...curators, buyers, music label reps, etc etc so that this is one big networking ball of fun. i LOVED the experience...i met way way way cool people (shout out to Jennifer, Tabia, Blean, Dolly, Racine, Brianne, and the rest of the PR team) and enjoyed working the red carpet/escorting buyers to their seats/shooting the breeze with the crowd. because i was working i didn't get to catch the whole show but i will upload the vids i have of the parts i did see. I DEF made it a point to check out Liz Paige's set and when the fashion show was ending i took in the COWGIRL HEAVEN set. AMAZING! check out the vids below that i recorded on my BB!

Liz Paige rockin out!

and here is COWGIRL HEAVEN...i swear they must have booked these models from the campus of an HBCU cuz a few of them had "a walk so mean". unmistakably from an HBCU modeling troupe! #shoutout to FACES modeling troupe on the campus of Florida A&M University!!!

and this is a vid of sm of the art featured in the "gallery"....good times!

to learn more about Project Ethos...visit the website HERE

enjoy blogger babies!!!


p.s. sounds sux..but hey, it sounds okay on my BB!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

PLAYLIST: a little THICKEness 4 ya...

it's been awhile since i have listened to Mr. Thicke...but thanks to @sunnyphoenix for recommending this song. i digs it!

robin thicke- sex therapy


TWITTER ME THIS : cheating for dummies...

seen this tweet by the wonderful Madam @balleralert so i HAD 2 read it. it was a link to her blog and the entry is a guideline for cheating men. appalling? not quite...pretty entertaining actually. seriously, men...if you're going to cheat don't get killed, stalked, or caught up in the process. it just makes the lives of everyone involved that much more complicated. so check out the CHEATING FOR DUMMIES article & let me know what u think!


PLAYLIST:a PAIGE out of her book...

Liz Paige....her voice is pretty darn dope. seen that she was recently out here in the IE at my friends' weekly event Show Off Wednesdays @ The Vibe in Riverside, Ca. so i guess u can say The Empire has discovered a taste of dopeness.

get hip 2 her blogger babies.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Trey Songz is a tad TOO Sexy for his own good. this is a still shot from "Invented Sex".... sexy, sensual etc etc. im also pretty happy to see that "Say Aaah" will be the next single, i was rooting for it!

"girl u gon' think i invented sex...cuz i do it like did"

Nov 21st @ the ASU official Trey Day.
see u there Mr.Tremaine!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PLAYLIST: this is what we've been waiting for???

Rih Rih is back....

i LOVE her STYList. lol, nah but real ish...she's the dopest chick walking the sidewalk runways. BUT i have never been a sold out fan of her music. her vocals don't really move me much. her marketing ppl are amazing though. kudos to the folks that surround her & who have made her into the brand that she is. cant knock her hustle. here's a new joint...Russian Roulette. i dig the song. a tad morbid (just how i like it... huh babe?) haha lol @ me shouting out the boo. anywho...check it out blogger babies & lemme kno what cha think!


Monday, October 19, 2009

REAL TALK: Kanye West has genius tendencies....

even though he took this off of his BLOG i found it on youtube! yesss! sometimes i thank God for youtube (and google). the POV of the vid had me feeling like I was wasted too. hahaha. i love how the fabric of the chick's dress was then the print on the couch. it's the small details that make this so interesting.

"where's the bathroom??" LMAO i effin love it

"We Were Once a Fairytale"...directed by Spike Jonze

i love how he purges himself at the end. the little beast inside of him is finally dead perhaps...??

kudos Kanye...kudos!



as some of you may or may not know, Nicki Minaj is the 1st lady of Lil Wayne's Young Money label. i must say, as far as female MCs go...she is def killin the game right now. mainly because Lil Kim is too busy dancing w the stars and getting plastic surgery to worry about her Queen Bee crown. the same crown which has been spray painted pink & is perched slightly askew on top of the perfectly coiffed black & pink tresses of Mizzzz Minaj. with her massive twitter following of wannabe barbies, Nicki is def gonna be a contender in 2010. i rolls with her thick a$$ lol. what can i say? she's think im lying?? check her out in the 5 star chick remix vid i posted below. now ppl who know me, know that i LOVE Trina...but this Barbie beeeeyotch Nicki MURDERED the whole track. :sidenote: Trina's hair was LAID though! lol. nah but real ish....u can fast fwd through the vid to the 3:17 mark when Nicki blaaaazes on the track. she's so cute!

follow her on twitter: @nickiminaj

enjoy blogger babies!!


p.s. the pic above is from the cover of Honey Mag...lookin so glammed & refined.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


i LOVE kimmie k. although the market is a tad oversaturated by her presence at times...i still roll with her, just as i have been since day one. i was over on & peeped these pics of Kimmie K celebrating her birthday with new BFFs LaLa & Ciara. im sorry but when ur photographed next 2 the flawlessness that is Kimmie K...u HAVE 2 bring it. once again...LaLa AND Ciara have fallen short. both ladies are cool in my book, but head2toe...Kimmie is MURDERING them. #imjustsayin

happy 29th bday Kimmie K!!!


DISASTERS IN DATING: putting him before HIM....

dating is hard. a general statement...yes. but it encompasses so much. why is it hard? how can "hard" be avoided? do relationships HAVE to be hard? etc etc etc. well for me dating, and relationships in general, tend to be hard because until recently, i had yet to find a way to mesh my fleshly life with my spiritual life. this summer i took A LOT of time to myself to figure ME out. figure out my relationships (including friendships) and how i wanted to proceed in them...if in fact i wanted to go forth in life still connected to certain people. this self reflection brought me to dating. i took inventory of my past flings & such with various guys so that i can see where MY mistakes took place. i seen that too often i compromised what i KNEW to be right in exchange for something or someone that was at best, temporary. i settled for "relationships" with guys that weren't anywhere near what i truly desired. i sacrificed my body for stolen moments of ummm "pleasure" *side eye*. basically i was selling myself short. never demanding the respect, treatment, etc that i truly deserved. i wasnt living up to my worth. quite embarrassing to say the least. here i am being constantly praised as this "confident", "beautiful", "intelligent", "inspirational", "unique" young woman... but i wasnt acting as such. i wasnt walking in my WORTH. came down to me not putting God or myself first. sure, it's hard to break a habit that has unknowingly been with you for the past 7 years of "adulthood"..but once you acknowledge your own mistakes, that first step is complete. just keeping it real with myself, i knew i had to change my mind in order to change my situation. i had to tell myself "just because i did it before, doesn't mean im obligated to do it again". so when i would receive those late night phone calls or text messages from a guy who EXPECTED something from me simply because we had that type of relationship before, it was easier for me to now ignore that. if our goal for this "relationship" isnt the same, what makes u think u have the privilege to access my body? forget about tapping into my mind, heart, and spirit though right? tapping that ass is of greater concern?

i have learned to accept that although im not perfect in Christ, im striving for it. i refuse to let any guy whose mind is set on "temporary" to keep me from receiving all the blessings God has in store for me. THIS is why i am celibate. THIS is why i don't really mind being single. i know that if i continue to be faithful on this walk with God, He will always look out for the greater good of my heart. he may have been good looking, the sex may have been great, the conversation may have been stimulating...but did he love the Lord? this is what i think about now when i come across a member of the opposite sex. i dont care how much he likes me or how impressive his resume' may be.... love & acknowledge the Lord in all you do, then perhaps i will give you a second glance.

so until my Mr.GodSentHim2Me comes along, i will keep my eyes, heart,mind & spirit focused on the Lord. it will always be HIM before any him.

last note to the ladies: love yourself COMPLETELY. if ur reading this and you're not saved or "that into God"...just know that He loves you even when you dont love yourself enough to make the best decisions concerning your heart.


"a woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her..." -maya angelou

POETICALLY INCLINED: this is how it starts...

just how i've been feelin....

i wonder if we can dream the same dream on the same night.
meet somewhere between fantasy & reality. perhaps fall in
love in both worlds, then immortalize our memories so that
we may live on sweetest dreams are made of you.

--mia mckinley--

brick by brick i am removing the wall that has been surrounding my heart for the past couple of years. i must say that not only is it a FREEING's one that i probably should have done a long time ago. but hey, everything has it's own time. this is mine....


thank u Mr. Hawkins for being u. so effortlessly it is for me 2 open up. IHU babe! xoxo

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TWITTER ME THIS: EstelleDarlings...

it would be absolutely uncivilized of me if i didn't feature one of my favorite twitterheads!!! i love love love Estelle...and not just b/c she's following me on twitter ;-) but really she is a minute past amazing, i dig her for always strutting to the beat of her own drum. no nude pics, no shaved head, no crazy public relationship stunts...just her. pure talent. pure humility. the ideal celeb, dontcha think? well thank the Gods of PR/managing/and whomever else had a hand in snagging this GAP ad cuz she looks HAUTE...shooot, i'd shop @ GAP!

so blogger babies, follow her on twitter and support her!! @estelledarlings


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UPDATE: Red Headed Step Child....

it's been daaaaaays since i've written anything. SHAME ON ME! i was doing so well. sorry blogger babies, please forgive me! i have been uber busy with school, work, & internship obligations. no excuses though, it is a crying shame that i have neglected my public. this entry will be short, i have to get some work done for my internship then head to work. YIKES! do i ever stop?

want to SEE what i have been doing?? my internship is with Project Ethos. AMAZING! our fashion show is October 24th..the saturday following LA FASHION week and everyone is so GEEKED! check out the website (im on there! yay!)


if ur going to be in the LA area next weekend and want to attend the show, tix r $20. contact me if you're interested!


Sunday, October 4, 2009


"my great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done & try to love somebody & have the courage to accept the love in return..." -maya angelou

my favorite word in this quote is courage. without courage it is almost impossible to do anything. i talked about this on twitter last night. "courage is underrated. a lot of us don't have enough of it which is precisely why we tend NOT to be fond of trying new things. it takes courage to change your life...takes courage to love & LET love. don't underestimate or shy away from courage. but rather, embrace it".

i know that as a woman it can be hard to accept good things. especially when that good thing is a GOOD MAN. we've experienced or witnessed the effects of relationships/men gone bad & the reality of something good happening is at times a far-fetched idea. women...okay, perhaps it's just yea Iset myself up for failure by simply not having the courage to LET love. it's hard to just BE.

im praying on it.

but yea blogger i ask that you incorporate some courage in your life. whether it be the courage to love, the courage to leave/let go, the courage to LEAD, the courage to TRUST, the courage to increase your faith in God, the courage to speak up for yourself, the courage to dream bigger, or perhaps the courage to just BE YOU...increase your courage & decrease your self-doubt.



TWITTER ME THIS: linked 2 perfection

i went to Brandy's twitter page (@4everbrandy) & she had a link to her daughter's little blog up...went to the blog & found this video. "my mom singing in the bathroom"...

if i woke up to this beautiful everyday would be amazing. i really believe Brandy has one of the most underrated voices in the industry. her music is like that money you find in the pocket of some old jeans. the jeans fit perfectly & you get excited when you remember that 5 bucks is stashed in 'em. with Brandy you KNOW she's dope & you get excited when you hear one of her songs cuz sometimes you forget HOW dope she is.

i seriously can't stop watching this... makes me wanna go put on my Never Say Never cuz it takes me 2 a good&innocent place in my life.

have a blessed day blogger babies....


Friday, October 2, 2009

TWITTER ME THIS: staying connected

i am not always able to see my perfect much as i would like to spend oodles and oodles amount of time with him, i simply cant. i have a ton a school work and the distance is also an issue. today my sister in law posted this video on twitter of him walking. i am so beyond words right now. i LOVE this kid so much! thank God for twitter!

Marquis Lynne McKinley II...aka Crunch... WALKS
click that link & enjoy my wonderful nephew

isn't he adorable blogger babies??


Thursday, October 1, 2009

POETICALLY INCLINED: this is poetic...

An Entrapment

My love, I have tried with all my being
to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
but nothing seems worthy;

I know now why Shakespeare could not
compare his love to a summer’s day.
It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
of such a creature as thee,
to simply cast away the precision
God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being
whether it physical or spiritual
is an ensnarement
from which there is no release.
But I do not wish release.
I wish to stay entrapped forever.
With you for all eternity.
Our hearts, always as one.

- Anthony Kolos -

g'morning blogger babies! i woke up this a.m. feeling poetically inclined. i have too many adjectives, verbs, & nouns floating around in my head...can't focus enough to form them into sentences, stanzas, or verses that would surely capture how im feeling at this moment. i feel GOOD. have you ever woke up just feeling GOOD? yes, problems are still present but your mind isn't boggled down by them. it's as if you're floating above the everyday stressors. i want to bask in this feeling. i want to savor this feeling. i kinda wish i could bottle it up and tap into it on the days when i dont wake up feeling like this. hmmm idk, my blogger enjoying this & it's not even 8am yet.

im digging this.